Learning and Growing 2

So this week was week two of potty training for Eliza and we had a much better week! She is pretty consistently going in the toilet for #1 and she had a major breakthrough on #2 this week. We have some bigger rewards for her when she does #2 and on Thursday she finally decided that she would get up the guts to try to go. She told Sarah that she needed to go and then just went into the bathroom to “have some privacy” and took care of business! She was tickled pink with herself! She could hardly contain … Continue reading

Potty-training and Strep

So it’s been one of those weeks this week… Sarah and I have been fighting off sleep deprivation trying to keep the kids happy and healthy. The week started and ended well enough but the middle of the week was pretty rough. We recently decide that we’d start potty training Eliza. We started on Monday and she actually had a pretty good first day. She figured things out pretty well and was doing a good job. Of course we had a few accidents but that is to be expected. She was excited to show me her sticker chart when I … Continue reading

“Peeeaaa” and other words

James has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Sarah made a list of all the words he is saying these days. “hiya” – Hi ya! “bah” – bye (while waving) “peaaaa!!” – Please “deh do” – Thank you “mama” “dada” “Ih-ly-ia” – Eliza “papa” “beh” – bread “pay” – pray “eh-MEH” – amen “dih-duh” – scriptures “su-shuh” – Jesus “po-PO” – prophet “kaboo!” – peekaboo “wa-wa” – water “pa”- pacifier “go-guh” – yogurt “co-cuh” – cracker “bana” – banana “a BAH!?” – asking for a bite “moooore??” – more “did ih!” – I did it! “ya” – yes “no no no” – … Continue reading

Growing up

James has had a fun week of learning. He started kicking a ball this week. Eliza was kind of jealous and likes to take the ball from him. He’s pretty good at kicking it around and dribbling across the floor. James has also grown out of his little baby car seat and it was time to move him up. We went to target this week and got Eliza a larger seat that she can use until she’s big enough to get out of a car seat. Her new one converts to a booster when she’s big enough. We moved James … Continue reading

Normal on Purpose

Last Sunday when we were planning our week we were taking things off the calendar so that we could have as “normal” a week as possible. After the celebrative busyness of the holidays, we wanted to keep things simple this week. Monday we had our normal family home evening with the kids. We had our lesson on “The Book of Mormon Teaches Me About Jesus Christ.” We showed some pictures from prophets in The Book of Mormon who talked about Christ, and we talked about when Christ visited the Americas. We also sang “Search, Ponder, and Pray” with hand actions … Continue reading

Happy New 2016

Happy New Year everyone! We’re excited for this new year and all the adventures and challenges that it will bring. We had a great year last year and are excited to see what the future holds for us. This week started out with a fun reunion of sorts with my college roommates. A few weeks ago one of my old roommates, Scott Rose, emailed the group of us and proposed that we do a Google hangout together sometime over the break. We had that hangout on Monday evening. We are all spread across the country and so we did it … Continue reading

Christmas 2015

We had a great Christmas celebration this week. It was a full week and we had  lot of things going on. It was great to be able to spend the week with out little family celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We started out the week with our first attempt at an Arnesen family tradition — story night. We had all of us get our sleeping bags out and put them on the floor in the family room after dinner. We each had a few snacks and treats to eat. While we all lay on our sleeping bags, Sarah read … Continue reading

I applied to be an Astronaut!

So the big news for us this week is that I completed and submitted my application for the astronaut corps this week! The applications are open again for the first time in many years and I have wanted to do this for years. The application process was simpler than I thought it would be. I had to update my resume and upload it to their site. I had to get an official transcript from BYU and I had to get some people who were willing to be references for me. After I submitted that, I just had to answer a … Continue reading

Christmas Traditions Start in Ernest

This week has seen the first of many activities that have started to become traditions for our family. We had two main events happen this week. First we had our second annual Christmas Sing Along on Friday and then on Saturday we went out to see the main street Bethlehem exhibit in Burnet. Last year we started the tradition of having a sing along at our home every Christmas. We invited a bunch of our friends from church and from my work to come over and sing Christmas carols with us. We invite them to bring their children and also … Continue reading

Last travel before Christmas

After getting back from our Thanksgiving travel last week, this week I was off again traveling for work. I went to Florida to attend the annual CHREC conference that I’ve been going to for years. At work I’m responsible for managing the research relationship that we have with the lab at BYU that I worked in when I was in graduate school. I have calls with them fairly regularly and I attend meetings in June and in December to see them report on their work and to give some formal direction to what they research in the coming year. This … Continue reading