Things every night

So this week we had something going on every night. Weeks like this keep us busy and also make us grateful for our little family routines and traditions. Monday night was probably the most “normal” (is that even a thing?) night of the week. We had family home evening. Sarah taught a lesson about the sacrament. We’re almost done with all of the lessons in the little nursery manual that we use. Eliza reminds us every week that we have to do family home evening. We always have an opening song and she leads while we sing. Eliza almost always … Continue reading

Jamesy Talking

Eliza has started calling James “Jamesy” this week. We’re not sure where she got that name because we have never called him that. She is so cute with him. She has been getting better and better at sharing. While she tries to share sometimes, she often will say “I had it first” and take the thing away. She has done this even to us. She has also started praying by herself. At night for her personal prayer she will say several sentences on her own. Usually thankful for things that have happened in the day. She always reminds us that … Continue reading

A week of early mornings

This was one of the most busy weeks of the year for me at work and that led to kind of a crazy family week too. I was busy almost every morning this week with our annual NI Week conference. I had to be at work super early in the morning to catch the bus downtown to see the keynotes at 8:30 in the morning. This time they actually talked about the product that I’ve been working on for the last several years and that was nice. I had hoped it would get more attention but it didn’t. At least … Continue reading

The busy week that could

This has turned out to be the busy week that wasn’t supposed to be but we made it through and are all still happy and only somewhat less sane than when we started the week. Monday Eliza had her 2 year doctor appointment. She had to get a blood test (they pricked her toe) and her HepA booster (I think that’s the one it was). She was a champ with both of them and loved her “sticker” on her toe. She was pretty tired that day and wanted to rest but she wasn’t cranky too much. She actually had a … Continue reading