Jamesy Talking

Eliza has started calling James “Jamesy” this week. We’re not sure where she got that name because we have never called him that. She is so cute with him. She has been getting better and better at sharing. While she tries to share sometimes, she often will say “I had it first” and take the thing away. She has done this even to us. She has also started praying by herself. At night for her personal prayer she will say several sentences on her own. Usually thankful for things that have happened in the day. She always reminds us that … Continue reading

Having fun around home

Well this has been a much calmer week than the last few. We mostly stayed around the house and didn’t get out and about too much. We have all been a bit tired and so the few things we did this week were kind of a big deal! Monday we had our normal family home evening. We try to set quarterly goals and that is what we worked on this Monday. We are pretty good about making goals every 3 months. We’re less good about actually following through with our goals. One of our goals this time was to try … Continue reading