Since Adam’s job is the reason for our move to Texas, we had our things moved “professionally.” Everything got packed up on June 23, loaded onto the moving truck and taken to a warehouse on June 24, and was supposed to arrive at our new house by July 7 at the very latest. (We were warned that since this is the busiest time of the year, our delivery window was twelve days–from June 26 to July 7.)

That so didn’t happen.

We still don’t have our things. Apparently they’re supposed to come by this Tuesday, July 19 (fingers crossed!), but we’re trying to not get our hopes up too much. The moving coordinator that we’ve worked with has been less than helpful, but she worked it out so that we’ll be paid $125 for each day our household goods are late. (That’s nice and all–by July 19 it will be $1500–but we’d kind of rather have our belongings…)

There’s a lot to complain about it. Waa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

. . . so I decided that we need to make a list of some of the positive things and things we’re grateful for concerning our move. Ready?

  • We packed a lot of things (12 days worth of clothing (we didn’t know how long it’d be before we got our washer and dryer), our computer and printer, a desk and chair, four place settings of dishes, our medicine box, and an air mattress, to name a few) that keep us fairly occupied and more comfortable than if we didn’t have all those things. Thankfully, when we were packing up all those things before we moved, Adam had the foresight to realize that we should bring a lot of stuff to keep us occupied (just in case). We’ve still been kinda bored, but not as bored as we could have been! It has also been nice for Adam to have more than one tie and for me to have more than one dress to wear to church every week.
  • We have internet. A connection to the outside world. Hallelujah!
  • We met our nice neighbor, a man in his seventies, who offered to let us borrow his ironing board, sleeve board, and clothes steamer…and anything else we might possibly need.
  • I’ve learned a lot of creative ways to cook when your dishes are limited.
  • Someone had vision to create microwaveable food. As gross as it can be, it has kept us fed several times these past few weeks!
  • We do have an oven and stove.
  • We’re better than camping. Our air mattress is on carpet, AND we have easy-access indoor plumbing.
  • We have ipods. That means hours of entertainment.
  • Facetime.
  • Music! To sing and listen to.
  • We’ve had a lot of time to think.
  • We have cell phones, which means we can call our family, friends, and doctors. (I’m soooo glad we don’t have to communicate only through snail mail and horse-riding messengers.)
  • We have a car! That works!
  • We live five miles from the nearest Family History Center, and they already have some good German resources. Hooray!
  • I’ve only had to kill one spider and one cockroach so far. (Adam killed a spider too.) 🙂
  • We’ve discovered some fun restaurants, donut shops (Round Rock Donuts!), movie theaters, and furniture stores. Good to remember for later on.
  • We brought our violins with us (we didn’t want them packed…not so good for the instruments…), and Adam printed out the Bach Double Concerto in d minor so we could play it. I had a copy of Mozart’s Tabletop music too. We had fun sight-reading, and we got to remember how rusty we are. 🙂 It was fun though! We hadn’t played together before ever.
  • The people in our ward are really friendly. Some friends had us over for dinner last Sunday, and it was great. 🙂
  • We’ve lived here before, so we know where the grocery store and Wal-Mart are located.
  • Netflix. 🙂
  • We are now Texas citizens basically. We have Texas drivers’ licenses and license plates.
  • Our AC works now!
  • Popsicles and ice cream and root beer floats.
  • We live close to the pharmacy, which was a big blessing earlier this week.
  • Five Crowns (a great card game).
  • The Texas sky is SO BIG and has BEAUTIFUL sunsets.
  • I now have all but one of my textbooks for my last three undergraduate classes!
  • Our new air mattress stays inflated the entire night. (That’s twice as good as our previous air mattress…)
  • The extra $1500 is going straight into savings for a house. That’ll be nice.
  • Adam has a real job, for goodness sake! That means a real salary, real benefits, and real life. And security. That is so nice.
  • We live only about seventy miles/two hours from the nearest temple, and I already got to attend it with a few ladies from the ward last week. 🙂
  • We have the gospel! We’re members of the Church!
  • We’re a family! Aaah! Isn’t that the best?!


San Antonio Temple

Yesterday we went down to the San Antonio, Texas Temple for the first time.  Our stake had set up a stake “Temple Day of Service” and encouraged us to come on Friday and participate as a stake in serving in the temple. We called ahead last week and reserved a spot on the 6:30 session.

Google maps, which I guess should not always be implicitly trusted, told us that it would take one hour and twenty-eight minutes to travel from Austin to San Antonio.  We therefore left at 4:00 which we thought would give us plenty of time to get there in time for the session even if there was bad traffic. Well . . . traffic was horrific! It took us about 45 minutes to just get into down town, a drive of about 10 miles. You do the math.  We were going really really slow! Traffic didn’t get better after we left downtown and it ended up taking us 2 1/2 hours to get to the temple.  We pulled into the parking lot at 6:30!

We had wanted to take a picture beforehand because we weren’t sure it would work well in the dark afterward, but Sarah felt like we should just go in. The kind workers at the desk asked if we were there to do sealings, and Sarah explained that we were supposed to be in the 6:30 session but the traffic had been really bad. Thankfully, our stake president, Pres. Hollingsworth, was standing right there and said that if we hurried “really really fast” then we could still be in the session because they hadn’t started yet! We were sooo grateful. Neither of us had been to the temple in a month, and we both really missed it. The session was really sweet.


As we were pulling up late to the temple, I thought about how sad it would be if we were late for something much more important than the temple.  I kept thinking about how the temple needs to be a top priority in our lives and how being places in a timely manner is important to feeling the Spirit. I had the story of Joseph F. Smith going through my head about being late but being clean. I’m so grateful that we were able to participate in the temple.  It is important not only to our eternal lives after this life but to our mortal and daily lives.



We’re married! Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Thanks to all of you that were so great in helping us to have a great day that day.  We had a perfect day and will always remember all of the hard work and planning that went in to making it special. Thanks especially to our families and to the amazing ladies from the ward that helped so much.  Thanks to our friends too for making things fun!  More about the wedding day to come…

Meanwhile, we had a great time on the introduction to our three-month honeymoon. Our first day, we hiked in Battle Creek Canyon.

Before Lunch at Battle Creek

(There’s a cute little pavillion there.)

Cheese! (literally)

We had lunch which was generously provided by Scott and Kim. It was SOO good. We hadn’t eaten much the day before, and the roast beef sandwiches were GREAT!

At the waterfall

The waterfalls were really beautiful. The weather was just perfect for hiking, and we even stayed out of the rain. 🙂

Eating lunch in Park City

Adam’s Aunt Kathryn let us stay in her super-nice condo in Park City. We window-shopped on Main Street, which is kind of weird for both of us, but we found a cool Christmas ornament. We had pizza for lunch at the Red Banjo. It had everything good on it. Yum.

Park City...again

We had to wait a while for our food, so we took a bunch of pictures. Heh. The weather was great most of the day. As soon as we decided to leave, it got stormy. This was a common trend for us. I liked it.

Church in Snyderville . . . bet ya don't know where that is!

We went to church on Sunday (no way? us?), and this lady asked us after sacrament meeting if we were newlyweds. Haha. 🙂  Of course we said yes.  She said that she could tell! We thought that was pretty cool.

Temple Square

We went to Temple Square and found out that everything is closed on Sunday. We still had a lovely time and picnicked on the plaza. Again, the weather was beautiful. This cute lady snapped this picture for us.


We stayed at Anniversary Inn Sunday night. This was our breakfast the next morning. It was soooo delicious.

Back to real life...almost?!

After our weekend, it was back to work and getting ready to move to Austin. Good start to our honeymoon, no?

Our Story

It all started on Valentine’s Day 2009. We were both in the BYU Concert Choir, and we had both gone of up to SLC to watch the BYU Men’s Chorus have master class with the King’s Singers. Sarah kind of had her eye on this tall, blue-eyed baritone, and although we hadn’t talked much before, we sat together during the master class. Sarah said, “I got kind of excited inside, but I tried to not let it show too much.”

The next week Adam asked Sarah out on their first official date. Sarah was surprised that Adam asked her! It was a group date to the Space Center (where they do simulated space missions that make you feel like you’re part of a Star Trek movie). For the next two months or so, we went on a few dates, hung out some, and saw each other a lot in choir.

At the end of April, Sarah mustered up all the courage she had and asked Adam on a date to the BYU Singers’ Bon Voyage concert. Thankfully Adam said yes, and we had a grand time. At the end of the date, Adam asked if he could be “blunt”, which Sarah found rather refreshing. He told Sarah that he liked her, but he just wasn’t ready to start any sort of relationship right then.

Despite this conversation, Sarah’s mind was spinning when Adam asked asked her on a date four days later. Over the course of the next six weeks, we went on seven dates and hung out on the side. Finally, in June, we decided to start dating exclusively.

“The next two months were so enjoyable,” Sarah said. “I hadn’t ever had a boyfriend, and Adam was incredible. He was kind, proactive, intelligent, talented, a hard worker, sensitive to the Spirit, living the best he could, and attractive besides! I couldn’t figure out how a guy like him ever wanted to date me.”

For whatever reason (that Adam still can’t figure out), Adam broke up with Sarah in August. We still wanted to be friends, but heaven knows how often that works out with ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Adam was a confused mess and Sarah was heartbroken, but with time and the power of the atonement, she was able to accept what had happened and fully heal.  The hard part was that we lived in the same apartment complex, and once school started, we saw each other in choir every day again. We had to get used to seeing each other often but not interacting like we had been able to do before.

In November, Sarah started to seriously consider serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By December, she started the application papers, but she felt like she should wait until January or April of 2011 to serve, so she decided to put the application away for a year or so.

Adam started to get wind of all this mission talk through the magic of facebook (ahh, facebook).  He got a bit nervous with all the talk and decided that he’d better figure out what was going on.  He sent Sarah a message out of the blue that went something like this:

I saw that there’s mission talk on your wall. Have you started your papers?
Just curious,

Sarah reacted, “Wait, what? I was so confused. There was no way that Adam could have noticed mission talk on my wall without committing the crime of facebook stalking. Suuuuuuuuure he was ‘just curious.'” As confused as she was, she replied and told him that she had started her papers but that she was waiting for a year or so before she left. You can imagine how that made Adam start to think. He had already started considering trying to date Sarah again, and hearing this news took that feeling to a whole new level.

About this time, almost every guy Sarah knew decided to get back in contact with her and/or ask her on a date.  One day after choir, Adam followed Sarah to the library. Along the way it seemed like she talked with 100 boys and Adam got more and more nervous. He stopped Sarah in the library and asked if he could take her out on Friday, but she already had a date for that night. He settled for Saturday.

Sarah’s head was spinning, but she tried to tell herself that Adam was just asking her out because we were friends. She told herself to not make a big deal out of it. Adam, meantime, was ecstatic! He had gotten up the courage to ask her again and it felt really good that she had accepted.

The date was so enjoyable! We went to Café Rio, Opera Scenes at BYU, and to an ice cream shop. We were able to talk like old times and just enjoy each others’ company. At the end of the date, Adam asked Sarah if he could take her out the next weekend, and she, completely surprised, told him, “Suuuuuuuuuure.” When she seemed to accept so readily, he also asked if she wanted to run up to his grandparents’ house in Salt Lake with him the next day, Sunday, and she agreed to go with him. Adam just thought, “Wow things were going great!”
Sarah’s head was still spinning. It seemed like Adam was interested in starting things up again, but she didn’t like being confused. She didn’t want to risk getting her heart broken again. She said, “I knew that I needed to ask Adam what he was up to.”

On the drive home from Adam’s grandparents’ house, she mustered up her courage again and said to Adam, “I’m sorry if this is a little blunt or awkward, but I’m confused, Adam. What are your intentions?” He chuckled and replied, “Well, I have intentions.” He went on to explain that he had realized a lot of things over the past several months, and he wanted to date Sarah again. When he asked Sarah what she thought about that, she said, “Well, I’d love to date you again, but honestly, I’m scared. I don’t want to get my heart broken again.” Adam bravely said, “I don’t want to manipulate you at all, but I can’t see me wanting to break up with you again.” …in other words, he was in it for the long run.

Sarah knew she needed to ponder seriously about what she wanted to do—and about what was the right thing to do. She brought up some of her concerns with Adam about dating him again, and she decided to let him know by our date on Saturday if she would date him again. Adam thought that was fine and was overjoyed that she even would consider dating him again.  He thought that a week was really quick and would have been willing to wait much longer to let Sarah feel comfortable again.

Well . . . the whole one week thing didn’t work out so great.

Since we have choir together, we saw each other every day, and we talked every day after class. Sarah even went over to Adam’s apartment twice and talked to him. She could see that Adam was sincere in word and deed. After pondering and praying a great deal, she realized that she really wanted to date him, and she felt like it was the right thing to do, too! Adam was so excited when Sarah finally told him (on Wednesday mind you and not on Saturday), and Sarah was excited too. 🙂

That Saturday (so two weeks after our first date the second time around), we had a choir concert in SLC. We were holding hands at the concert and got some slightly confused looks from the choir who had no idea that we were dating.  After the concert, we went to Marie Callender’s for pie with his parents, and Adam surprised Sarah with a lovely bouquet of flowers. We chitchatted on the way back to Sarah’s home and marveled at how our time apart had helped us.

On this drive, Adam bravely brought up a risky topic: “So, if this were to go long-term…….have you thought about timing at all?” Sarah told him, “Yes….” (Sarah said, “I’m surprised I could even get the word out of my mouth! You see—Adam has an internship in Austin from May to August, and we both knew that we were in it for the long run…so if we wanted to get married soon, it would have to be in May, before going to Austin, or in August, after being apart all summer, after Adam’s internship, and right before school started. That was no bueno.”)

Through the course of our conversation, we realized that we wanted to get married—and in May. From that point we were “unofficially engaged” and decided to tell only our parents.
Three days later, Adam asked Sarah’s dad for his permission. Wednesday, we went ring shopping. Friday, we had a splendid date. That evening, Adam said, “I have something to show you, but it has to be in the morning…like early. Can I pick you up around 6:40?” Sarah, mostly unaware of what was going on, told him yes.

All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Adam picked Sarah up in the morning, and we drove to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We walked over to the east side of the temple grounds and had a lovely talk about all sorts of things, particularly about covenants, while watching a beautiful sunrise come over the mountain. After the sun rose, Adam had Sarah sit down on a bench. He knelt down, said some wonderfully romantic things, and asked her to marry him. 🙂 Sarah ecstatically replied, “Yes!!!”

“I am thrilled beyond belief! It is miracle to me that everything has worked out so perfectly. Adam is the man of my dreams and more, and I’m so excited that he and I get to spend eternity together. We have been truly, abundantly blessed.” — Sarah

“I am the most blessed man in the world.  I’m so happy that Sarah would even give me the time of day let alone want to marry me.  I love her and I am excited to spend eternity with her.  She is the most gorgeous girl in the world! She has prepared herself in the right ways to be a righteous wife and mother in Zion and for that I will be eternally grateful.” — Adam