Since Adam’s job is the reason for our move to Texas, we had our things moved “professionally.” Everything got packed up on June 23, loaded onto the moving truck and taken to a warehouse on June 24, and was supposed to arrive at our new house by July 7 at the very latest. (We were warned that since this is the busiest time of the year, our delivery window was twelve days–from June 26 to July 7.) That so didn’t happen. We still don’t have our things. Apparently they’re supposed to come by this Tuesday, July 19 (fingers crossed!), but we’re … Continue reading

San Antonio Temple

Yesterday we went down to the San Antonio, Texas Temple for the first time.  Our stake had set up a stake “Temple Day of Service” and encouraged us to come on Friday and participate as a stake in serving in the temple. We called ahead last week and reserved a spot on the 6:30 session. Google maps, which I guess should not always be implicitly trusted, told us that it would take one hour and twenty-eight minutes to travel from Austin to San Antonio.  We therefore left at 4:00 which we thought would give us plenty of time to get … Continue reading


We’re married! Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Thanks to all of you that were so great in helping us to have a great day that day.  We had a perfect day and will always remember all of the hard work and planning that went in to making it special. Thanks especially to our families and to the amazing ladies from the ward that helped so much.  Thanks to our friends too for making things fun!  More about the wedding day to come… Meanwhile, we had a great time on the introduction to our three-month honeymoon. Our first day, we hiked in Battle Creek Canyon. … Continue reading

Our Story

It all started on Valentine’s Day 2009. We were both in the BYU Concert Choir, and we had both gone of up to SLC to watch the BYU Men’s Chorus have master class with the King’s Singers. Sarah kind of had her eye on this tall, blue-eyed baritone, and although we hadn’t talked much before, we sat together during the master class. Sarah said, “I got kind of excited inside, but I tried to not let it show too much.” The next week Adam asked Sarah out on their first official date. Sarah was surprised that Adam asked her! It … Continue reading