Austin Shenanigans

Around about Austin there’s a lot of stuff to do. We’ve tried to get out and see some of the city and have been somewhat successful. Austin is known for its live music scene and their motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”  Well you can judge for yourself how weird you think Austin is, but we think it’s been kind of fun! There is a big mall called the Domain that is close to National Instruments.  It’s kind of like the River Woods in Provo but bigger and a bit ritzier!  A friend of mine from work invited us to go … Continue reading

Independence Weekend!

Most people get a three-day weekend for Independence Day. Adam got a FIVE-day weekend. It was AWESOME. We went to Chuy’s for dinner that Friday. It was oh so tasty. There were a lot of colorful chairs and door frames and artwork. See? On Saturday night, we went and watched fireworks over “Lake” Austin. We were (pleasantly) surprised to find them on Saturday night at all! They were pretty cool–like our video below shows something that could only be done over a body of water–but they have nothing on Provo. Just saying. Still, it was nice. 🙂 On Sunday we … Continue reading

Houston . . . Not a Problem!

Last weekend, we drove to Houston. The land here is so green and beautiful. We even saw an LDS church building along the highway! As we entered Houston, there was a beautiful sunset in the west, and the moon was huge and bright as it rose in the east. On Saturday morning, we had the opportunity to go to the Houston, Texas temple! It was so beautiful. The architecture and landscaping were lovely, and we had a wonderful experience inside. I’m so grateful for the temple and to live close to many temples! After our visit to the temple, Adam … Continue reading