Haircuts and Work

We had a pretty great week this week. There were a few highlights. Eliza got a haircut and got to come with me to work for “Bring your kid to work day.” We also had an extra fun day on Saturday. For several weeks Eliza has been asking us to give her a haircut. Sarah got a haircut last week and after that she was especially interested in getting a haircut. She had such long beautiful hair that we haven’t wanted to cut it but we relented this week and let her get it cut. Sarah gave her the cut on Thursday. … Continue reading

Our Birthday Adventures

Sarah and I have birthdays very close to each other, and we celebrated several weeks ago. Our awesome families sent us fun packages with gifts and we got each other some fun stuff. Sarah got me a model rocket of the SpaceX Falcon 9, some space patches (which I collect) and she’s making me a fun fleece blanket. (Isn’t she awesome!) Sarah’s family sent us a Michael Buble song book and a cool book by Dr. Minert about Latter-day Saints in Germany during World War II. Sarah loves making cakes and so she made one for each of our birthdays. … Continue reading

We have a house!

So we’ve been looking for a more permanent place to live here in Austin. Currently we’re renting from a great couple that we met last summer when we were doing our internship, but we’ve been wanting to find our own place where we can start “putting down some roots.” (Are we really old enough to put down roots?) When we got here earlier this year, we started working with our Realtor John Mick who has done a superb job of educating us on how buying homes work in Texas. We’ve been looking around for quite a while. We’ve seen lots of resales and lots of … Continue reading

A Garden Update

Our garden is growing! We have harvested a lot of asparagus so far (some of it was a bit woody at first, but it’s getting better). Our tomatoes are blooming and hopefully getting pollinated. Our zucchini is growing as expected . . . like a weed. And our yellow squash turned out to have two varieties. Our pepper starts survived the onslaught of aphids and fire ants and are growing again now, and our peppers from seed are growing! This is a grand adventure! Continue reading

Exercising Our “Green Thumb”

I’ve been told that one of my ancestors was the gardener for the King of Norway. I have absolutely no idea if this is actually true, but there must have been someone in my family who at least enjoyed working with dirt because I’ve always loved gardening and working with plants. Even my high school science fair project had to do with gardening! When we found out that the place we’re renting would have four “square foot gardens,” I was excited! Ever since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to start working in them. The people we’re renting from told us about … Continue reading


Since Adam’s job is the reason for our move to Texas, we had our things moved “professionally.” Everything got packed up on June 23, loaded onto the moving truck and taken to a warehouse on June 24, and was supposed to arrive at our new house by July 7 at the very latest. (We were warned that since this is the busiest time of the year, our delivery window was twelve days–from June 26 to July 7.) That so didn’t happen. We still don’t have our things. Apparently they’re supposed to come by this Tuesday, July 19 (fingers crossed!), but we’re … Continue reading

Life Just Got Cleaner

Tuesday was a great day. We have a washer and dryer! Hooray! (I really like doing laundry, actually, so this is a cause for celebration.) We actually got our washer and dryer delivered last week, but because of some sort of mix-up, Sears delivered a silver washer and a white dryer. We wanted our appliances to match, so Sears agreed to deliver a silver dryer. Thankfully the Sears people said we could use both the washer and dryer until our silver dryer got delivered. After a whole fiasco about prices, we finally got our silver dryer today! 🙂 And they must … Continue reading

A Trip to the “Crossroads of the West”

In August we took a trip back to Utah, the “Crossroads of the West” to spend some quality time with our family! On our flight into Denver, where we had a layover, we saw an awesome lightning storm! We tried to capture it on video and hopefully you’ll enjoy what we were able to capture.  No video can do it justice, it was amazing to see the raw power of nature and marvel at God’s creations. We were delayed coming into Denver because of some technical difficulties with the airplane.  We had to stay the night in Denver and didn’t … Continue reading

A Jaunt to San Antonio

In the midst of our busy schedule we found some time in July to take a “vacation” to San Antonio, TX.  It was more of a day trip really but we enjoyed ourselves. We had been to the temple there before, but we wanted to go and see the Alamo and walk on the River Walk! We left for San Antonio on a Saturday around noon.  We had a choir practice in the morning so we couldn’t leave until then. We caught a bit of bad traffic on the way down but made pretty good time. We had lunch at … Continue reading

That’s scrumptious.

This post is all about one of our favorite things–food! Oh yum. I made some bread once. It turned out pretty good. It probably would have been awesome except that when I added the sugar, I forgot that I was halfing the recipe….oops. It’s good for French toast though! We had pork and homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. I really like homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmm. Adam made a pork roast and vegetables in the crock pot one Sunday. It was delicious. Adam has been teaching me about Filipino food. One of our favorites is adobo. Usually we make … Continue reading