Our Birthday Adventures

Sarah and I have birthdays very close to each other, and we celebrated several weeks ago. Our awesome families sent us fun packages with gifts and we got each other some fun stuff. Sarah got me a model rocket of the SpaceX Falcon 9, some space patches (which I collect) and she’s making me a fun fleece blanket. (Isn’t she awesome!) Sarah’s family sent us a Michael Buble song book and a cool book by Dr. Minert about Latter-day Saints in Germany during World War II.

Sarah loves making cakes and so she made one for each of our birthdays. She made an awesome German Chocolate cake from scratch for me. It even had scratch frosting!!

For her birthday she insisted that she be able to make her own cake, and so she made a delicious white cake with strawberry filling and strawberry-whipped-cream frosting. It was divine!

I decided to throw Sarah a surprise party this year too. I’d been planning it for months, and lots of our good friends were coming. I took her out to dinner on the Saturday after her birthday, and we had a good dinner for the most part. I gave a key to out house to a friend so people could get in for the party while we were at dinner. Half way through the dinner, however, the friend with the key set off our home alarm system, and the cops showed up. I swear that I had given her a good code, and I was a bit upset that I had to talk to the cop while I was at dinner. (Fortuitously Sarah was away from the table at the time, so she was none the wiser:)) When we got back to the house all our friends were there, and she was really surprised! We have awesome friends, and they brought a cake and filled up balloons. We had a good night playing games and socializing. We’re so grateful for all of the awesome friends that we have here.

Anyways, I hope I didn’t toot my own horn too much in this post, but we did have a fun weekend for our birthdays!

3 responses to “Our Birthday Adventures”

  1. For the record, Adam got me a new swimsuit (…I think the one I had before was the one I bought in junior high!) and a bluetooth headset (so I can talk on the phone and do things with both hands…like cook and stuff). They were very thoughtful gifts, and I’m glad to have them both!

  2. sarah you look cute! i really like your last outfit. where did adam get the swimsuit? i’m in the market. also i am ON the market ha ha ha. i want to live with you!!!