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  • Spring Break Camping 2016

    Spring Break Camping 2016

    This week was full of camping and family fun. This is the second year that we went with a large group from the ward to go camping over spring break. Last year when we went, James was very young and Eliza was obsessed with mini doughnuts. This year was significantly easier than last year and […]

  • Learning and Growing 2

    Learning and Growing 2

    So this week was week two of potty training for Eliza and we had a much better week! She is pretty consistently going in the toilet for #1 and she had a major breakthrough on #2 this week. We have some bigger rewards for her when she does #2 and on Thursday she finally decided […]

  • Growing up

    Growing up

    James has had a fun week of learning. He started kicking a ball this week. Eliza was kind of jealous and likes to take the ball from him. He’s pretty good at kicking it around and dribbling across the floor. James has also grown out of his little baby car seat and it was time […]

  • Normal on Purpose

    Normal on Purpose

    Last Sunday when we were planning our week we were taking things off the calendar so that we could have as “normal” a week as possible. After the celebrative busyness of the holidays, we wanted to keep things simple this week. Monday we had our normal family home evening with the kids. We had our […]

  • Christmas Traditions Start in Ernest

    Christmas Traditions Start in Ernest

    This week has seen the first of many activities that have started to become traditions for our family. We had two main events happen this week. First we had our second annual Christmas Sing Along on Friday and then on Saturday we went out to see the main street Bethlehem exhibit in Burnet. Last year […]

  • Independence Day Long Weekend

    Independence Day Long Weekend

    Well we had a great week this week. I got to take Thursday and Friday off of work for the holiday and it was fun to have a few days to just spend time with the family. With all the craziness we’ve had lately this was a welcome change of pace for us. Monday, Tuesday […]

  • Spring Break Camping

    Spring Break Camping

    Yes I know that we don’t have any kids in school so spring break isn’t actually any different from any other week that we have; however, we decided to “celebrate” it this year. There are some families in our ward who go camping every year on the week of spring break and we were invited […]

  • Spring arrives in Central Texas

    Spring arrives in Central Texas

    Spring, with all it’s crazy swings in weather, has arrived in central Texas. Our daffodils are blooming and it’s getting to the point where we have started running our ceiling fans again during the day. Eliza has been her usual chipper self this week. She is a girly girl and likes to twirl around and […]

  • Utah visit (from Sarah’s point of view)

    Utah visit (from Sarah’s point of view)

    In September, Adam and I took a quick trip home to do some recruiting for Adam’s work at our alma mater. (I even got to go as the wife recruiter to convince all the wives that Austin is the place to be.) The BYU Engineering Career Fair was two days long (plus one day of […]

  • Our Birthday Adventures

    Our Birthday Adventures

    Sarah and I have birthdays very close to each other, and we celebrated several weeks ago. Our awesome families sent us fun packages with gifts and we got each other some fun stuff. Sarah got me a model rocket of the SpaceX Falcon 9, some space patches (which I collect) and she’s making me a […]