I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our life and how awesome it really is. I hope you’ll forgive me for just writing some of my feelings publicly. I’m sometimes not very good at showing how grateful I am to the Lord for my blessings. I really have so many blessings that I’m sure that I could go on and on. I just want to list a few: I have an amazing, strong, beautiful, talented, smart, good wife. I have a place to live and spend my time. I live in a place where people are generally good and friendly. We … Continue reading

Exercising Our “Green Thumb”

I’ve been told that one of my ancestors was the gardener for the King of Norway. I have absolutely no idea if this is actually true, but there must have been someone in my family who at least enjoyed working with dirt because I’ve always loved gardening and working with plants. Even my high school science fair project had to do with gardening! When we found out that the place we’re renting would have four “square foot gardens,” I was excited! Ever since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to start working in them. The people we’re renting from told us about … Continue reading


Since Adam’s job is the reason for our move to Texas, we had our things moved “professionally.” Everything got packed up on June 23, loaded onto the moving truck and taken to a warehouse on June 24, and was supposed to arrive at our new house by July 7 at the very latest. (We were warned that since this is the busiest time of the year, our delivery window was twelve days–from June 26 to July 7.) That so didn’t happen. We still don’t have our things. Apparently they’re supposed to come by this Tuesday, July 19 (fingers crossed!), but we’re … Continue reading

Our Last Weekend in Utah

Here’s a little breakdown of what we did during our last weekend in Utah: Thursday Finished packing up things we needed to bring with us to Austin. Watched the packers pack all of our things. Ate Del Taco for lunch. Went to Adam’s eye appointment. Both got our hair cut by our friend, Nicole. Went to the Manti Pageant with my family in their big blue van. Ate delicious, homemade 9-inch corn dogs. Rode with my family back from Manti. Picked up things from our apartment and drove to my family’s house to spend the night (since our bed was … Continue reading

Daily Affirmation

This morning I heard this video playing in the back room. I think this little girl has a great attitude and outlook on life! Sometimes its important to have a positive outlook on life and on our ability to weather the storms that come into our lives. Sometimes we just need to decide that we can do anything good. Continue reading

The Eagle’s Nest

I know we haven’t blogged for a while but we’re going to try to play catch up for  a bit! This September my younger brother got his Eagle Scout award! We were so proud of him.  This makes 4 eagle scouts in my family with only one more to go.  There weren’t a lot of people there but it was fun to have the family and friends there that did come. We just thought we’d share some photos from that day. The Eagle’s Nest Receiving the award. Dad and the brothers.The new Eagle with his sisters US! Continue reading