Our Last Weekend in Utah

Here’s a little breakdown of what we did during our last weekend in Utah:


  • Finished packing up things we needed to bring with us to Austin.
  • Watched the packers pack all of our things.
  • Ate Del Taco for lunch.
  • Went to Adam’s eye appointment.
  • Both got our hair cut by our friend, Nicole.
  • Went to the Manti Pageant with my family in their big blue van. Ate delicious, homemade 9-inch corn dogs.
  • Rode with my family back from Manti.
  • Picked up things from our apartment and drove to my family’s house to spend the night (since our bed was inaccessible).
  • Slept


  • Got up early and drove back to our apartment.
  • Adam got our car checked out and new brake … put on.
  • Watched the packers load everything into a truck. …and break one of our dinner table chairs.
  • Cleaned our apartment with Adam’s sweet mother, who brought some cleaning supplies for us to use.
  • Went to Adam’s family’s house and cleaned up ourselves.
  • Watched How to Train Your Dragon with Adam’s family.
  • Slept


  • Slept in a titch…ahhhh.
  • …did something….
  • Went to the Provo Temple. It was wonderful!!
  • Said “see ya later” to my dear friend, Becca.
  • Ran to Macey’s grocery store.
  • Went to a family reunion for my dad’s side. It was so sweet.
  • Went to my friend’s wedding reception in American Fork and then to Adam’s friend’s wedding reception in Provo.
  • Went back to my family’s house and did laundry at 10:30pm.
  • Slept


  • Got up early.
  • Went to the dear old American Fork 1st ward (my old ward) to see my longest-time friend speak in church after returning from her mission in Manila, Philippines. (That is where Adam served too, so he really enjoyed her talk.)
  • Hastily said hello and goodbye to many friends.
  • Sped down to the BYU Family History Center to teach our Sunday School class about the resources there…but no one showed up, so we did some of our own research because we didn’t have anything else to do until our church started.
  • Went to our ward and taught our last family history Sunday School class.
  • Went to my dear friend, Jenny’s, apartment and said “see ya later.”
  • Went to my family’s house. We had a sweet experience together, but it was really hard too. You see, Adam and I are the first in both of our families to move away from our families permanently. My family has lots of girls, and we’re all kind of emotional softies, so it was a bittersweet experience.
  • Said “see ya later” to part of my family.
  • Went to Adam’s family’s house.
  • Ate dinner.
  • Gave a wedding gift to Adam’s old roommate, Peter, who stopped by the Arnesen’s house.
  • Said “see ya later” to our good friends Brian and Devri and their son, who also stopped by the Arnesen’s house.
  • Spent time with Adam’s family.
  • Slept.


  • Got up before the crack of dawn.
  • Packed up our car.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Said “see ya later” to my dad, who came by the Arnesen’s house.
  • Said “see ya later” to Adam’s family.
  • Swung by my family’s house to get the atlas.
  • Said “see ya later” to my family.
  • Drove…all day.

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