Gone recruiting

Well this week I wasn’t at home a ton so I don’t have a lot to write. I spent the week up recruiting at BYU and kept plenty busy up there. I did the career fair, lots of interviewing and several events with candidates. It was a pretty good trip. It was fun to see family while I was up there. While I was gone, Sarah held down the fort with the kids and was generally awesome. They had music class on Friday and went to the park after class. Eliza loves the park and James still isn’t sure what … Continue reading

Last travel before Christmas

After getting back from our Thanksgiving travel last week, this week I was off again traveling for work. I went to Florida to attend the annual CHREC conference that I’ve been going to for years. At work I’m responsible for managing the research relationship that we have with the lab at BYU that I worked in when I was in graduate school. I have calls with them fairly regularly and I attend meetings in June and in December to see them report on their work and to give some formal direction to what they research in the coming year. This … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015 in Utah

So this has been a week of travel and celebration for our family. We traveled to Utah to spend time with the family this week for Thanksgiving and had a great trip. We left last Friday morning and drove Friday and Saturday to get to Utah. We spent the week dividing our time between our families and having a grand ol’ time! Here are some photos from our trip. Continue reading

James starts moving

The big story of the week is that James has started almost crawling. He does a pretty awesome army crawl/belly flop and is tickled pink with himself for being able to move around so much. It’s a good thing that Eliza has as many toys as she does because he’s always into them. She’s spent most of the week trying to take her things away from James. We’re working on the sharing thing. This is the second week in a row that they’ve also talked about sharing in Nursery so hopefully she’ll start getting it sometime before she turns 16. James … Continue reading

Spring Break Camping

Yes I know that we don’t have any kids in school so spring break isn’t actually any different from any other week that we have; however, we decided to “celebrate” it this year. There are some families in our ward who go camping every year on the week of spring break and we were invited to attend this year. We were the youngest family–by far. Most of the families have teenagers but we have some good friends in the group and we had a good time. We had kind of a crazy day on Monday as we were getting ready … Continue reading

Learning and Growing

This has been a bit week of growth for our family. Actually, this growth has been coming on for a while but we actually documented some of it this week in photo form and wanted to share it with you. Eliza is getting better and better at feeding herself. She can use a spoon pretty well and is getting better with a fork. She can eat a whole bowl of oatmeal by herself. Her little plastic forks are really not great so we’ve been letting her use one of our little metal forks. We bought her some new training ones … Continue reading

Utah visit (from Sarah’s point of view)

In September, Adam and I took a quick trip home to do some recruiting for Adam’s work at our alma mater. (I even got to go as the wife recruiter to convince all the wives that Austin is the place to be.) The BYU Engineering Career Fair was two days long (plus one day of interviews). We flew in the weekend before so we could spend a little time with our families and friends. It was the first time we’ve seen one of Adam’s brother’s since he returned home from his mission in Finland. It was so great to see … Continue reading

A Trip to Arizona

Well folks, I realized that I haven’t posted on this blog since July. Pathetic. I haven’t been so great at writing in my journal for a while either, so within the next couple of months, I’ll (hopefully) be writing about some of the big things that happened in the past little while. To start, my dear friend, Jenny, got married last month!   I am soooo thrilled for her. We were roommates at BYU for 2 1/2 years. We talked a lot about things that were most important to us. I remember that once we were being silly college girls … Continue reading

Our Last Weekend in Utah

Here’s a little breakdown of what we did during our last weekend in Utah: Thursday Finished packing up things we needed to bring with us to Austin. Watched the packers pack all of our things. Ate Del Taco for lunch. Went to Adam’s eye appointment. Both got our hair cut by our friend, Nicole. Went to the Manti Pageant with my family in their big blue van. Ate delicious, homemade 9-inch corn dogs. Rode with my family back from Manti. Picked up things from our apartment and drove to my family’s house to spend the night (since our bed was … Continue reading

A Trip to the “Crossroads of the West”

In August we took a trip back to Utah, the “Crossroads of the West” to spend some quality time with our family! On our flight into Denver, where we had a layover, we saw an awesome lightning storm! We tried to capture it on video and hopefully you’ll enjoy what we were able to capture.  No video can do it justice, it was amazing to see the raw power of nature and marvel at God’s creations. We were delayed coming into Denver because of some technical difficulties with the airplane.  We had to stay the night in Denver and didn’t … Continue reading