James starts moving

The big story of the week is that James has started almost crawling. He does a pretty awesome army crawl/belly flop and is tickled pink with himself for being able to move around so much. It’s a good thing that Eliza has as many toys as she does because he’s always into them. She’s spent most of the week trying to take her things away from James. We’re working on the sharing thing. This is the second week in a row that they’ve also talked about sharing in Nursery so hopefully she’ll start getting it sometime before she turns 16. James doesn’t much care what he has just that he can get to what is in front of him. He especially likes to try to eat the DVD player. Once this week he somehow figured out how to turn it on, open the tray, and stick the tray in his mouth. I suspect this is a sign of things to come.
14 - James found the chair cave

James likes the chair space.

11 - You don't see me with Eliza's snuggle

“I sure hope Eliza doesn’t see me with this stuff.”

02 - James just bein

Mama’s boy.

03 - James discovered the door

Discovering the back door and window.

04 - Happy seven months James

Happy seven months James!

05 - James I love being seven months

He has the best smiles.

12 - James looking dapper

Hanging out at church in the mother’s room.

We got our first real harvest of beans and tomatoes from our garden this week. We were pretty happy with our bean harvest and spent Monday night snapping them and freezing them. We’re hopeful that we’ll get several more bags before the plants die. Who knows, after they do die we may even be able to plant another crop.+
00 - our  bean harvest
I traveled again this week. This time to Blacksburg, Virginia to attend the midyear CHREC conference. I went by myself this year because my colleague who usually comes with me got sick at the last minute. He was originally planning on picking me up at an out of the way airport and driving to the conference but because he got sick I ended up just driving myself from Lynchburg to Blacksburg (about 2 hours). It was a beautiful drive though and I got to see the gorgeous countryside of Virginia.
06 - The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

07 - Dancing before swimming

They were both excited to go swimming!

08 - Sarah and James swimming

James swam like a champ. He floated and kicked and everything.

09 - Eliza jumping to daddy

Eliza took a while to get warmed up and was scared and crying for about 10 minutes and then she decided she would try to “swim like Nemo.” After that she got a lot better and by the end wanted to jump over and over.

10 - Eliza got more and more brave

My sweet girl.

Sarah has been holding down the fort while I was away and while I’ve been busy at work. She is a champ and I love her.
01 - Eliza waving to daddy in the morning

Eliza always waves to Daddy from this window in the morning. It’s the best to see her!

13 - Teaching Eliza to play the Violin

We got my violin out this Sunday and Eliza wanted to hold it.

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