Scouts and Relaxing

Monday and Tuesday this week were pretty standard days. Monday we had family home evening with the kids as always. I am so glad that we have this tradition established in our family. The kids know that it is Monday and that we have family home evening. Tuesday was laundry day and Sarah and I watched the Olympics while we folded clothes. Eliza and James have been watching the Olympics during the day too. Eliza started mimicking the swimming. She set up one of her toy boxes to be her starting block and then she would jump off and swim … Continue reading

Haircuts and Work

We had a pretty great week this week. There were a few highlights. Eliza got a haircut and got to come with me to work for “Bring your kid to work day.” We also had an extra fun day on Saturday. For several weeks Eliza has been asking us to give her a haircut. Sarah got a haircut last week and after that she was especially interested in getting a haircut. She had such long beautiful hair that we haven’t wanted to cut it but we relented this week and let her get it cut. Sarah gave her the cut on Thursday. … Continue reading

Calm before the storm

So the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy around here with me heading out to my semi annual CHREC meeting (in Albuquerque this time) and then out to scout camp the next week. This week was a good, normal week and we were able to recharge our batteries a bit to get ready for what’s coming. Because of the normalcy of this week, there isn’t a lot notable to talk about. Probably the most interesting thing that happened this week was that James had a bit of a fever for a few days. We’re pretty sure … Continue reading

Peaches, Swimming and Missionary Lessons

This week there was a good sale on peaches at our HEB (that’s the local grocery stores for all you non-Texans). Sarah decided that we should bottle some and make some other peach products so last Saturday I bought a bunch of peaches when I went shopping. The lady at the checkout was surprised that I was getting so many and asked if we were making cobbler! On Monday, Sarah spent some of the day working on bottling those peaches. She made one batch (7 jars) and they turned out much better than the ones we tried last year. She … Continue reading

Having fun around home

Well this has been a much calmer week than the last few. We mostly stayed around the house and didn’t get out and about too much. We have all been a bit tired and so the few things we did this week were kind of a big deal! Monday we had our normal family home evening. We try to set quarterly goals and that is what we worked on this Monday. We are pretty good about making goals every 3 months. We’re less good about actually following through with our goals. One of our goals this time was to try … Continue reading

Butterfly stroke across the floor

I guess this week was pretty uneventful. I’m sitting here trying to remember what happened and I can’t think of anything. So, either it was so crazy that I lost my mind or nothing happened. Oh yes. On Friday night Sarah and I went to the temple. We haven’t been to a session in San Antonio for a long time and it was good to go back. Our friends watched both Eliza and James so that we could go. Eliza is awesome when she gets babysat these days. She just wants her food and then she’s good to go. James, … Continue reading

James starts moving

The big story of the week is that James has started almost crawling. He does a pretty awesome army crawl/belly flop and is tickled pink with himself for being able to move around so much. It’s a good thing that Eliza has as many toys as she does because he’s always into them. She’s spent most of the week trying to take her things away from James. We’re working on the sharing thing. This is the second week in a row that they’ve also talked about sharing in Nursery so hopefully she’ll start getting it sometime before she turns 16. James … Continue reading