Haircuts and Work

We had a pretty great week this week. There were a few highlights. Eliza got a haircut and got to come with me to work for “Bring your kid to work day.” We also had an extra fun day on Saturday. For several weeks Eliza has been asking us to give her a haircut. Sarah got a haircut last week and after that she was especially interested in getting a haircut. She had such long beautiful hair that we haven’t wanted to cut it but we relented this week and let her get it cut. Sarah gave her the cut on Thursday. … Continue reading

Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Three years ago this week Eliza joined our family! Our lives were forever changed for the better as we welcomed this sweet, spunky, little girl into our home and into our hearts. We have loved watching her grow up these last three years and this week we had a great time celebrating her birthday. She has been looking forward to her special day as only a three-year-old can. Sarah made her a paper chain that she’s been removing links from every day for the last few weeks to see how close she is to her birthday. It has been so … Continue reading

Calm before the storm

So the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy around here with me heading out to my semi annual CHREC meeting (in Albuquerque this time) and then out to scout camp the next week. This week was a good, normal week and we were able to recharge our batteries a bit to get ready for what’s coming. Because of the normalcy of this week, there isn’t a lot notable to talk about. Probably the most interesting thing that happened this week was that James had a bit of a fever for a few days. We’re pretty sure … Continue reading

Breaking Rain

So this was supposed to be our normal week after all of our traveling and travel recovery. We were even going to get back into the mode of exercising. All of that came crashing down when Sarah’s bathroom drawer crashed down on her big toe and fractured it in at least three places. It hurt so so bad. I’ve never seen Sarah in such pain as she was Monday morning (and I’ve seen her give birth twice). We got the kids up really quick and went over to the urgent care to have it looked at. After the x-rays came back … Continue reading

Winding Down

This week we finally started winding down after our whirlwind month of weddings and traveling. Our trip to Utah was so much fun and we loved seeing all of the family and getting two wonderful additions to our families. Eliza and James love their new aunt and uncle! After all this traveling it is good to be back home in our own beds and on our own routine again. The big new thing for this week is that Eliza started swimming lessons. A sister in our ward (Sis. Scott) is teaching at one of the HOA pools in the area, … Continue reading

Easter Hallelujah

Of course the focus of this week has been our Easter celebration. This year has been especially nice because we have been able to do better than ever  before on helping the kids (and ourselves) focus on Jesus Christ this week. Every night we have read from the Bible about what happened on that day of Easter week. We have posted the pictures on our wall for the kids to see so that they know what we’re talking about. The kids have loved having the pictures up and will point to them and tell us what is happening. It is … Continue reading

Spring Break Camping 2016

This week was full of camping and family fun. This is the second year that we went with a large group from the ward to go camping over spring break. Last year when we went, James was very young and Eliza was obsessed with mini doughnuts. This year was significantly easier than last year and we had a great time. We left Monday afternoon after scrambling around all morning trying to get the last things in order. We went up to Lake Georgetown to Russell Park which is on the north side of the lake. People from our ward and … Continue reading

Gone recruiting

Well this week I wasn’t at home a ton so I don’t have a lot to write. I spent the week up recruiting at BYU and kept plenty busy up there. I did the career fair, lots of interviewing and several events with candidates. It was a pretty good trip. It was fun to see family while I was up there. While I was gone, Sarah held down the fort with the kids and was generally awesome. They had music class on Friday and went to the park after class. Eliza loves the park and James still isn’t sure what … Continue reading

Learning and Growing 2

So this week was week two of potty training for Eliza and we had a much better week! She is pretty consistently going in the toilet for #1 and she had a major breakthrough on #2 this week. We have some bigger rewards for her when she does #2 and on Thursday she finally decided that she would get up the guts to try to go. She told Sarah that she needed to go and then just went into the bathroom to “have some privacy” and took care of business! She was tickled pink with herself! She could hardly contain … Continue reading

Potty-training and Strep

So it’s been one of those weeks this week… Sarah and I have been fighting off sleep deprivation trying to keep the kids happy and healthy. The week started and ended well enough but the middle of the week was pretty rough. We recently decide that we’d start potty training Eliza. We started on Monday and she actually had a pretty good first day. She figured things out pretty well and was doing a good job. Of course we had a few accidents but that is to be expected. She was excited to show me her sticker chart when I … Continue reading