Winding Down

This week we finally started winding down after our whirlwind month of weddings and traveling. Our trip to Utah was so much fun and we loved seeing all of the family and getting two wonderful additions to our families. Eliza and James love their new aunt and uncle! After all this traveling it is good to be back home in our own beds and on our own routine again.

The big new thing for this week is that Eliza started swimming lessons. A sister in our ward (Sis. Scott) is teaching at one of the HOA pools in the area, and she has a class of four kids that Eliza is in. She goes every morning from Tuesday to Friday for two weeks. The first two days this week were rough. It’s been a bit cold for swimming and Eliza didn’t really know Sis. Scott and so she spent most of the first two days crying and screaming. We had a few good talks and worked up her courage and now she is doing really well. She loves kicking her feet on the side and trying to find the fishies that Sis. Scott throws into the pool. She swam almost the whole length of the pool by herself (with supervision) on Friday! She has made great progress and we’re proud of her. It has been fun to see her be so proud of herself for overcoming her fear and doing a hard thing. We wanted to go swimming on Saturday but there was a big rain storm that rolled through in the afternoon and we didn’t make it.

On Saturday morning we spent some time getting our other two garden boxes ready to go. We had a bunch of volunteer tomato plants come up in the two boxes and we decided to just leave them and see what we get. The kids and I spent an hour weeding out the boxes and cleaning them up so we could see the tomato plants. We also got to pick and eat some of our peas. Eliza kept asking all day if we could go and eat some more so she must have liked them. They were pretty tasty.

Friday night Sarah and I went down to San Antonio to the temple to celebrate our anniversary. We’ve been married 6 years! Wow! We’re pretty awesome. (On a related note, apparently we’re supposed to get each other gifts made of iron for this anniversary? Anyone know what good stuff you can get of iron?) We got to do sealings again because we were a bit late and missed our session. Doing sealings is always a neat experience. We went over to Kneaders after the temple and had some yummy food.

On Thursday night Sarah helped throw a baby shower for a lady in our ward. She tackled the huge project of making 1 million cake pops. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration. . . She spent a lot of time getting them right and they were delicious. She is good friends with this lady and it was good to have her be able to help out even if it did make things a bit stressful for her. She is a great servant.