Daily Affirmation

This morning I heard this video playing in the back room. I think this little girl has a great attitude and outlook on life! Sometimes its important to have a positive outlook on life and on our ability to weather the storms that come into our lives. Sometimes we just need to decide that we can do anything good. Continue reading

Going to the (Y) Ball

Tonight we went on an awesome date. Some background though. Today was not-so fun. I got up really early and drove an hour to Salt Lake City to the Family History Library. One of my classes was meeting there. In addition, I had a project to finish up there that was due at 3pm. It stunk being away from Adam all day (poor guy–he stayed at home without a car and cleaned and did homework), and I ended up staying longer than I had originally planned. Blah. I learned some good things though, so that was good. Then we had … Continue reading

The Eagle’s Nest

I know we haven’t blogged for a while but we’re going to try to play catch up for  a bit! This September my younger brother got his Eagle Scout award! We were so proud of him.  This makes 4 eagle scouts in my family with only one more to go.  There weren’t a lot of people there but it was fun to have the family and friends there that did come. We just thought we’d share some photos from that day. The Eagle’s Nest Receiving the award. Dad and the brothers.The new Eagle with his sisters US! Continue reading

A Trip to the “Crossroads of the West”

In August we took a trip back to Utah, the “Crossroads of the West” to spend some quality time with our family! On our flight into Denver, where we had a layover, we saw an awesome lightning storm! We tried to capture it on video and hopefully you’ll enjoy what we were able to capture.  No video can do it justice, it was amazing to see the raw power of nature and marvel at God’s creations. We were delayed coming into Denver because of some technical difficulties with the airplane.  We had to stay the night in Denver and didn’t … Continue reading

Independence Weekend!

Most people get a three-day weekend for Independence Day. Adam got a FIVE-day weekend. It was AWESOME. We went to Chuy’s for dinner that Friday. It was oh so tasty. There were a lot of colorful chairs and door frames and artwork. See? On Saturday night, we went and watched fireworks over “Lake” Austin. We were (pleasantly) surprised to find them on Saturday night at all! They were pretty cool–like our video below shows something that could only be done over a body of water–but they have nothing on Provo. Just saying. Still, it was nice. 🙂 On Sunday we … Continue reading

One month! (+two days)

This post is a couple of days late, but oh well. Adam and I were married a month ago! Can you believe it?! It has been the best month. Here are just a few things we have done since getting married: Moved to Texas Moved into a nice apartment Adam started his internship Became part of new ward Received church callings Studied Tagalog (I only know a titch now, but it’s more than I knew last month!) Lost our voices Made homemade ice cream (with Oreos) (okay, Adam made it. I just enjoyed it.) Got our voices back Sang in … Continue reading

San Antonio Temple

Yesterday we went down to the San Antonio, Texas Temple for the first time.  Our stake had set up a stake “Temple Day of Service” and encouraged us to come on Friday and participate as a stake in serving in the temple. We called ahead last week and reserved a spot on the 6:30 session. Google maps, which I guess should not always be implicitly trusted, told us that it would take one hour and twenty-eight minutes to travel from Austin to San Antonio.  We therefore left at 4:00 which we thought would give us plenty of time to get … Continue reading

Blog Passwords

Ok friends . . . we’d like to share some things on here that we don’t want the whole world to see but we don’t have a great way of sending out a password to everyone. So . . . if you’d like to read posts from here on out that are password protected please email us at blog@arnesenfamily.net.  Thanks! Continue reading