Going to the (Y) Ball

Tonight we went on an awesome date.

Some background though.

Today was not-so fun. I got up really early and drove an hour to Salt Lake City to the Family History Library. One of my classes was meeting there. In addition, I had a project to finish up there that was due at 3pm. It stunk being away from Adam all day (poor guy–he stayed at home without a car and cleaned and did homework), and I ended up staying longer than I had originally planned. Blah. I learned some good things though, so that was good.

Then we had leftovers for dinner. I ate this incredibly-2-jalapeño-spicy soup. Oh man. I’ve been trying to finish it off. I really don’t like throwing out food, however untasty it is. Anyway.

The evening was much better though. First Adam and I went to the adult session of stake conference. Elder Richard G. Hinckley from the Quorum of the Seventy came. The talks were all really good. I was touched by the testimonies and inspired to be a better Sarah.

After stake conference, Adam and I whisked away to the Hinckley Alumni Center for the Y-Ball! The Y-Ball is a free dance for married couples at BYU. Adam got the second-to-last ticket. It was sooooooo exciting. Adam and I haven’t really been to a dance together before…unless you count dancing at someone’s wedding, but that doesn’t really count because it was only part of one song.

Adam was so patient with me. I’m not really a very good dancer, but he’s amazing (to say the least). He taught me all sorts of good steps, and he’s really good at leading. It was a blast. I fell in love with him all over again. 🙂

Isn’t he handsome?


3 responses to “Going to the (Y) Ball”

  1. That sounds like so much fun (minus the going up to SLC and eating really spicy food)! We had Stake Conference last night as well, but no general authority for us! Also, you two look fantastic! Events like the Y-Ball make me wish that Chris and I were up in Provo still and could go to fun things like that (that are clean and not full of alcohol)! Love you!