Learning and Growing 2

So this week was week two of potty training for Eliza and we had a much better week! She is pretty consistently going in the toilet for #1 and she had a major breakthrough on #2 this week. We have some bigger rewards for her when she does #2 and on Thursday she finally decided that she would get up the guts to try to go. She told Sarah that she needed to go and then just went into the bathroom to “have some privacy” and took care of business! She was tickled pink with herself! She could hardly contain … Continue reading

Going to the (Y) Ball

Tonight we went on an awesome date. Some background though. Today was not-so fun. I got up really early and drove an hour to Salt Lake City to the Family History Library. One of my classes was meeting there. In addition, I had a project to finish up there that was due at 3pm. It stunk being away from Adam all day (poor guy–he stayed at home without a car and cleaned and did homework), and I ended up staying longer than I had originally planned. Blah. I learned some good things though, so that was good. Then we had … Continue reading