Utah visit (from Sarah’s point of view)

In September, Adam and I took a quick trip home to do some recruiting for Adam’s work at our alma mater. (I even got to go as the wife recruiter to convince all the wives that Austin is the place to be.)

The BYU Engineering Career Fair was two days long (plus one day of interviews). We flew in the weekend before so we could spend a little time with our families and friends. It was the first time we’ve seen one of Adam’s brother’s since he returned home from his mission in Finland. It was so great to see him! He left very much still a high school senior (albeit mature) and came home a man.

Joint family dinner. So fun!

Our week was packed! It seemed like every free moment–wait, no, we didn’t really have any free moments. Adam and I were going, going, going. We both got sick and got barely any sleep. It almost felt like I was a college student again. (I’ve gotten so used to 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night; it’s hard to go back to 4-5  hours a night.)

Even though it was such a crazy week, I loved seeing so much family and so many friends. I didn’t feel completely coherent whenever I was with them, but it was still great to be with them all. Our families are wonderful. We got to see three of our grandparents, all of our siblings (except Sarah, who is serving a mission), and our niece and nephews, who are a blast! I also got to see various friends from my major and my dear friend, Jenny.

Family at Sister’s concert. (Isn’t she lovely?)

Some of my best friends from high school and I were able to get together for a couple of hours. These gals are amazing. The seven of us haven’t all been together since I think 2009 (and you’ll notice that there are only six of us in the picture. One of the ladies came early and had to leave before I got there because she is a nurse who works really early in the morning). It was fun to get most of us together.

Six of the seven ladies

Oh ya. Adam and I saw the Mitt Romney bus. Too cool.

I got to spend two lovely days at the Family History Library while I was there too! If you live close to the Family History Library (and by close I mean within 2 hour’s drive) and you have never been there, then shame on you! Set a goal NOW to go there. I’m serious–go grab your planner or calendar or ipod or post-it notes or whatever you use and pick a day right now to go there and learn something about your ancestors, okay? Your life will be enriched by the experience. There are hundreds of workers and missionaries who will gladly help you. Just go do it! (You don’t know HOW BLESSED YOU ARE to live sooooo close to the largest family history library IN THE WORLD!)

Okay, so off my rant. I did a ton of research while I was there. I’ve been working on one of my family lines in Württemberg, Germany for quite some time. Here’s an example of a record:


Marriage entry for Philipp Jakob Keppler and Eva Maria Kalmbach on 26 June 1792 in Oberschwandorf, Nagold, Württemberg, Germany. They were my fifth great-grandparents!

Oh, doesn’t it just make you so excited?! I LOVE Germanic family history research!

Anyway, it was a lovely, jam-packed trip, but I am so grateful we could go. Yay for families! Yay for friends! Yay for Adam’s great job! Yay for BYU! Yay for ancestors and the FHL!