Exercising Our “Green Thumb”

I’ve been told that one of my ancestors was the gardener for the King of Norway. I have absolutely no idea if this is actually true, but there must have been someone in my family who at least enjoyed working with dirt because I’ve always loved gardening and working with plants. Even my high school science fair project had to do with gardening! When we found out that the place we’re renting would have four “square foot gardens,” I was excited! Ever since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to start working in them. The people we’re renting from told us about this website that told us what we could plant when. I was grateful for this because we’ve obviously never gardened in Texas before! We found out that this was a good time to start some of the plants that we wanted to do so this week we finally started our garden!

Last week we looked at WalMart and Home Depot for some tomato and pepper plants but didn’t find any. The other day I found out about the Shoal Creek Nursery close to downtown that we decided to check out to see if they had what we needed. They had a ton of stuff!

We decided to plant four things (didn’t want to be too ambitious our first time around!). We bought four tomato starts from the nursery and two yellow pepper starts. We wanted to get some green pepper starts, but they didn’t have any, so we decided to try to do green peppers from seed. I’ve never done that before, but the guy at the nursery told us that it shouldn’t be too hard. We’ll see.

We also decided to do some squash. Squash isn’t usually my favorite thing to eat, but I’m learning! We planted some zucchini and some yellow squash. (I really hope the zucchini doesn’t take over our house!)

I hope that the drought that we’re having right now in Texas doesn’t kill our little garden. We’ll definitely be praying for rain. I’m excited to have this garden and to start eating some real home-grown food!


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