Growing up

James has had a fun week of learning. He started kicking a ball this week. Eliza was kind of jealous and likes to take the ball from him. He’s pretty good at kicking it around and dribbling across the floor.

James also likes to pose for the camera.

James has also grown out of his little baby car seat and it was time to move him up. We went to target this week and got Eliza a larger seat that she can use until she’s big enough to get out of a car seat. Her new one converts to a booster when she’s big enough. We moved James into Eliza’s old seat. He is still rear facing. Eliza loves her new seat and Jame seems happily indifferent in his.

The new car seat situation.

James has also started actually participating in the toddler music class. We had just been paying for Eliza to go but James likes it so much and was always using the instruments anyway so we decided to just start paying for him too. He love music. He will sing lullabys with mommy (especially “I am a Child of God”) and he likes to direct the music any time he hears it.

Both of the kids were stuffy and a bit sick this week. We’ve been going through tissue like crazy. Eliza will come up to us and say “my nose is running away again.” Then she will go and get a tissue and blow. James doesn’t do this. Instead, he opts for the nose syringe torture chamber twice a day. Hopefully he can figure out blowing soon.

Doing scriptures after getting back from the temple.

Friday Sarah and I took our monthly temple trip to San Antonio. It was great to go again. I’m thankful that we’ve made this a habit and that we have good friends that are willing to help with our kids so we can go. When we got back from the temple it was past midnight. Usually the kids transfer to their beds pretty well but this time Eliza woke up and insisted that we have scripture study before going to bed. She didn’t make it through too much but we read a few verses with her.

“Yay! Daddy’s coming home!”