We have a house!

So we’ve been looking for a more permanent place to live here in Austin. Currently we’re renting from a great couple that we met last summer when we were doing our internship, but we’ve been wanting to find our own place where we can start “putting down some roots.” (Are we really old enough to put down roots?) When we got here earlier this year, we started working with our Realtor John Mick who has done a superb job of educating us on how buying homes work in Texas. We’ve been looking around for quite a while. We’ve seen lots of resales and lots of new homes and we finally decided on this one!

We’re so excited to be moving to this awesome home! We’re hoping to move sometime in December and start our new life in Pflugerville, Texas!!! We have a walk-through video tour that we can send you if you email us for the link!

3 responses to “We have a house!”

  1. Congratulations! I feel like everyone I know has bought a house in Texas this year, this is super exciting! I’d love to see the video tour!