A Jaunt to San Antonio

In the midst of our busy schedule we found some time in July to take a “vacation” to San Antonio, TX.  It was more of a day trip really but we enjoyed ourselves. We had been to the temple there before, but we wanted to go and see the Alamo and walk on the River Walk!

We left for San Antonio on a Saturday around noon.  We had a choir practice in the morning so we couldn’t leave until then. We caught a bit of bad traffic on the way down but made pretty good time. We had lunch at our favorite fast food place .  .  . Wendy’s! 🙂  We got a bit lost in the city once we got off the highway but eventually we ended up parking in a mall and wandering around a bit inside trying to find our way out to the Alamo.

The Alamo was really interesting. I hadn’t known much of the history of the place but it was great to hear about the courage and the sacrifice that was shown there. It was fun to listen to the docent talk about the last days of the Alamo and have him point out where the walls were and where the barracks were where the defenders made their last stand.  It was a place rich in history and I enjoyed it.  We continued an Arnesen tradition of getting Christmas tree ornaments from places we visit and got one from the Alamo. The Alamo is a great place for little boys too! There are guns and war stuff everywhere and I know that I would have loved it as a little kid!

After seeing the Alamo we went over to the River Walk, which is right next to it! It was a really hot day but it was nice and cool down on the River Walk. It is a really cool place set down below the street and along a part of the river that has been artificially pulled away from the main part. There are specialty shops and lots of restaurants.  It’s a great place to get away from the “big city” feel and walk in the shade of the trees for a while.  We walked all around the loop, on our then tired feet, and enjoyed ourselves.  We saw a wedding, people on boats, people eating, people drinking, and people just enjoying life.

We’ve wanted to get to a real good Texas barbecue and so we decided that we’d go to the County Line BBQ for dinner.  It was great food and it was air conditioned.  We got beef brisket to share and we got hot peach cobbler for dessert! After dinner we were pretty exhausted and so we just headed home.  We had a great day though and would like to go back some time again!

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