Life Just Got Cleaner

Tuesday was a great day.

We have a washer and dryer! Hooray!

(I really like doing laundry, actually, so this is a cause for celebration.)

We actually got our washer and dryer delivered last week, but because of some sort of mix-up, Sears delivered a silver washer and a white dryer. We wanted our appliances to match, so Sears agreed to deliver a silver dryer. Thankfully the Sears people said we could use both the washer and dryer until our silver dryer got delivered. After a whole fiasco about prices, we finally got our silver dryer today! 🙂

And they must be good–I even saw a commercial for them yesterday. 😉

Yay for clean laundry!


One response to “Life Just Got Cleaner”

  1. Did you get the Whirlpool cabrio? The washer looks like mine, except silver? I LOVE our washer, so if it is mine, you’re going to love it too. And if it isn’t, well, you will probably love it too. Washers are awesome! Speaking of, I should probably do laundry today.