I’m too tired to think of a fancy title

We had a pretty normal week this week. In fact as I sit here I’m having trouble remembering specific things that happened. I guess I’ll just start writing and see how things go.

I had a scout camp this weekend and we went out to Inks Lake to swim and boat. We had a pretty good time. The boys actually cooked some good food and I was impressed with them. I had adults that actually wanted to cook with me so that was fun. I made some yummy apple pork chops and some peach cobbler in the dutch oven. It turned out pretty good! The boys liked swimming the next day and jumping off the rocks into the water. We go to this lake every July as kind of an easy fun camp where we just have a good time and do some work on water stuff. The only down side of the camp was that one patrol of 8 boys decided they would stay up all night and they kept everyone else up. They were up until at least 3 am and I had to have a very stern talk with them and have them take some punishment.

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James has started legitimately crawling this week and he is so happy about it. He can move around pretty quick now and just follows Eliza around everywhere. He has also started to pull himself up on things. He’s pretty pleased with himself except he hasn’t really figured out how to get down from standing yet so he either falls over and hits his head on the floor or he cries to have someone come help him down.

Eliza is as cute as ever and is full on into the two year old mentality. She is trying to learn to use her words instead of just screaming when she wants something. She can usually communicate what she wants to but sometimes she doesn’t take the time to think about how to say it before she just starts crying. Since she doesn’t really take naps anymore, she has started to fall asleep during dinner a couple times a week.

One morning this week, Eliza came out of our closet carrying two five-pound hand weights and exclaimed to Sarah, “Mommy, deez a big wocks!” We got a good laugh out of that. She put them back in the closet but carried one of them to the kitchen and back two times. She’s a strong little girl.

Sarah was supposed to go on exchanges with the sisters this week but it didn’t work out. She took the kids on a walk this week and the kids loved it. She is so great with the kids and is a great mother. She is reading scriptures with Eliza every morning and is so patient with them when they are being little kids.