That’s kind of what I feel like we’ve (at least I’ve) been doing this week. Work has been ramping up again as we’re starting to work hard to get our next product release scoped out and try to figure out what’s going on. We have a lot of new groups coming on to the product to add features and most of them have tons of lofty ideas that have little to no basis in reality. I’ve been spending a lot of my time bringing people back to earth. It’s nice to dream but we actually need to release this product this year. I got to go help the missionaries teach a lesson to a new brother who came to church last week. It was the first lesson and the missionaries extended a baptismal date which he accepted. That was interesting to be a part of. (Side note: The missionaries taught straight from the pamphlet and didn’t use any scriptures or anything in their teaching. I hope those of you that are missionaries aren’t teaching like this. It’s so important to teach with the scriptures, especially The Book of Mormon.)
Father son time
Sarah has been playing super mom this week while I’ve been running around like crazy. She is so good to balance taking care of James and Eliza. I love her. She and I got to go to the temple this week and that was good for both of us. She is serving well in her calling and loves all of us so much. I’m so proud of her.
Let me read to you james
Eliza is cute as always. She’s been feeling a bit tired and sniffly the last few days and that’s made her a bit cranky but we still love her. She loves trying to feed James crackers, or chocolate, or water, or whatever else she has around. Hopefully she hasn’t fed him anything while we weren’t watching! She loves to play the piano and will sit there and turn through the pages of the children’s songbook and sing while she bangs on the piano. Today while we were watching the Tabernacle Choir Broadcast, she saw Mack Wilberg directing and started waving her hands and then had to go to the piano and start playing. She’s going to be a great little musician.
James has been even more smiley this week. He love to “goo” and “gaa” at us. (Yes he actually says those cliche words!) He doesn’t like to be left alone and always wants to be held. He likes to stand up with our help and is becoming quite the little personality.