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  • Things every night

    Things every night

    So this week we had something going on every night. Weeks like this keep us busy and also make us grateful for our little family routines and traditions. Monday night was probably the most “normal” (is that even a thing?) night of the week. We had family home evening. Sarah taught a lesson about the […]

  • Learning and Growing 2

    Learning and Growing 2

    So this week was week two of potty training for Eliza and we had a much better week! She is pretty consistently going in the toilet for #1 and she had a major breakthrough on #2 this week. We have some bigger rewards for her when she does #2 and on Thursday she finally decided […]

  • Something every night

    Something every night

    We had something going on every night this week. All of them were good things and we had a good time doing them. On Monday we had our normal family home evening. It was pretty good. Eliza is getting better and better at singing. When we have family home evening she has to go get […]

  • Two Kids Teething

    Two Kids Teething

    We survived Sunday. Go us! This week has been a bit rough with both Eliza and James both teething and  both of them with the sniffles. Eliza has been waking up in the middle of the night several days this week and will just cry inconsolably and have a bad cough. She doesn’t run a […]

  • Gratitude

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our life and how awesome it really is. I hope you’ll forgive me for just writing some of my feelings publicly. I’m sometimes not very good at showing how grateful I am to the Lord for my blessings. I really have so many blessings that I’m sure that I […]

  • Houston . . . Not a Problem!

    Last weekend, we drove to Houston. The land here is so green and beautiful. We even saw an LDS church building along the highway! As we entered Houston, there was a beautiful sunset in the west, and the moon was huge and bright as it rose in the east. On Saturday morning, we had the […]

  • San Antonio Temple

    Yesterday we went down to the San Antonio, Texas Temple for the first time.  Our stake had set up a stake “Temple Day of Service” and encouraged us to come on Friday and participate as a stake in serving in the temple. We called ahead last week and reserved a spot on the 6:30 session. […]