Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Three years ago this week Eliza joined our family! Our lives were forever changed for the better as we welcomed this sweet, spunky, little girl into our home and into our hearts. We have loved watching her grow up these last three years and this week we had a great time celebrating her birthday. She has been looking forward to her special day as only a three-year-old can. Sarah made her a paper chain that she’s been removing links from every day for the last few weeks to see how close she is to her birthday. It has been so … Continue reading

Breaking Rain

So this was supposed to be our normal week after all of our traveling and travel recovery. We were even going to get back into the mode of exercising. All of that came crashing down when Sarah’s bathroom drawer crashed down on her big toe and fractured it in at least three places. It hurt so so bad. I’ve never seen Sarah in such pain as she was Monday morning (and I’ve seen her give birth twice). We got the kids up really quick and went over to the urgent care to have it looked at. After the x-rays came back … Continue reading