Normal on Purpose

Last Sunday when we were planning our week we were taking things off the calendar so that we could have as “normal” a week as possible. After the celebrative busyness of the holidays, we wanted to keep things simple this week. Monday we had our normal family home evening with the kids. We had our lesson on “The Book of Mormon Teaches Me About Jesus Christ.” We showed some pictures from prophets in The Book of Mormon who talked about Christ, and we talked about when Christ visited the Americas. We also sang “Search, Ponder, and Pray” with hand actions … Continue reading

Christmas Traditions Start in Ernest

This week has seen the first of many activities that have started to become traditions for our family. We had two main events happen this week. First we had our second annual Christmas Sing Along on Friday and then on Saturday we went out to see the main street Bethlehem exhibit in Burnet. Last year we started the tradition of having a sing along at our home every Christmas. We invited a bunch of our friends from church and from my work to come over and sing Christmas carols with us. We invite them to bring their children and also … Continue reading

Butterfly stroke across the floor

I guess this week was pretty uneventful. I’m sitting here trying to remember what happened and I can’t think of anything. So, either it was so crazy that I lost my mind or nothing happened. Oh yes. On Friday night Sarah and I went to the temple. We haven’t been to a session in San Antonio for a long time and it was good to go back. Our friends watched both Eliza and James so that we could go. Eliza is awesome when she gets babysat these days. She just wants her food and then she’s good to go. James, … Continue reading