Last travel before Christmas

After getting back from our Thanksgiving travel last week, this week I was off again traveling for work. I went to Florida to attend the annual CHREC conference that I’ve been going to for years. At work I’m responsible for managing the research relationship that we have with the lab at BYU that I worked in when I was in graduate school. I have calls with them fairly regularly and I attend meetings in June and in December to see them report on their work and to give some formal direction to what they research in the coming year. This … Continue reading

A pretty normal week

Eliza is getting to be more and more like a two-year-old. She’s starting to push the limits on things more and more which is challenging. The best example of this is with her sleeping. Sometime last week she decided that she didn’t want to sleep in her bed anymore. She wanted to sleep on the floor by the door to her room. She would fight us tooth and nail when we tried to put her in her bed. We let her sleep by the door for a few days but then decided that she really did need to sleep in … Continue reading