Scouts and Relaxing

Monday and Tuesday this week were pretty standard days. Monday we had family home evening with the kids as always. I am so glad that we have this tradition established in our family. The kids know that it is Monday and that we have family home evening. Tuesday was laundry day and Sarah and I watched the Olympics while we folded clothes. Eliza and James have been watching the Olympics during the day too. Eliza started mimicking the swimming. She set up one of her toy boxes to be her starting block and then she would jump off and swim … Continue reading

“Peeeaaa” and other words

James has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Sarah made a list of all the words he is saying these days. “hiya” – Hi ya! “bah” – bye (while waving) “peaaaa!!” – Please “deh do” – Thank you “mama” “dada” “Ih-ly-ia” – Eliza “papa” “beh” – bread “pay” – pray “eh-MEH” – amen “dih-duh” – scriptures “su-shuh” – Jesus “po-PO” – prophet “kaboo!” – peekaboo “wa-wa” – water “pa”- pacifier “go-guh” – yogurt “co-cuh” – cracker “bana” – banana “a BAH!?” – asking for a bite “moooore??” – more “did ih!” – I did it! “ya” – yes “no no no” – … Continue reading

I applied to be an Astronaut!

So the big news for us this week is that I completed and submitted my application for the astronaut corps this week! The applications are open again for the first time in many years and I have wanted to do this for years. The application process was simpler than I thought it would be. I had to update my resume and upload it to their site. I had to get an official transcript from BYU and I had to get some people who were willing to be references for me. After I submitted that, I just had to answer a … Continue reading

Jamesy Talking

Eliza has started calling James “Jamesy” this week. We’re not sure where she got that name because we have never called him that. She is so cute with him. She has been getting better and better at sharing. While she tries to share sometimes, she often will say “I had it first” and take the thing away. She has done this even to us. She has also started praying by herself. At night for her personal prayer she will say several sentences on her own. Usually thankful for things that have happened in the day. She always reminds us that … Continue reading

The week of scouts

It seems like I had more scout things to do this week than norma. In fact, that’s basically all I can think about right now so I apologize in advance if this seems a bit one sided. (Also Sarah’s in bed already trying to avoid getting sick so she’s not here to help me remember.) Tuesday for scouts we did a canoe practice out at Lake Pflugerville. After asking for a canoe for several weeks, I finally found one from a family in another ward. I ran over their house before scouts and threw their canoe on our van and … Continue reading