“Peeeaaa” and other words

James has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Sarah made a list of all the words he is saying these days.

  • “hiya” – Hi ya!
  • “bah” – bye (while waving)
  • “peaaaa!!” – Please
  • “deh do” – Thank you
  • “mama”
  • “dada”
  • “Ih-ly-ia” – Eliza
  • “papa”
  • “beh” – bread
  • “pay” – pray
  • “eh-MEH” – amen
  • “dih-duh” – scriptures
  • “su-shuh” – Jesus
  • “po-PO” – prophet
  • “kaboo!” – peekaboo
  • “wa-wa” – water
  • “pa”- pacifier
  • “go-guh” – yogurt
  • “co-cuh” – cracker
  • “bana” – banana
  • “a BAH!?” – asking for a bite
  • “moooore??” – more
  • “did ih!” – I did it!
  • “ya” – yes
  • “no no no” – no
  • “no!” – more emphatic
  • “poo” – do I need to explain?
  • “ah dah” – all done
  • “ah gah” – all gone
  • “boo” – book
  • “ha! ha!” – hot
  • “brrr” – cold

He is talking all the time! We can understand some of what he says and when he needs to communicate he does a good job. He still has a lot of emphatic, loud, gibberish!

This weekend I went out to camp with the scouts at Lost Pines. We were hoping to do some archery but I couldn’t find a range master to come help us. I need to just get that training myself so we don’t have to wait on other people. We had a good camp. It did freeze that night and the boys were excited to earn their polar bear patches. We challenged the boys to make better food than their normal hot dogs for dinner and so they made one of my favorites — Dutch oven pizza! It is super simple. You just top English muffins with sauce and other good pizza stuff and put them in the oven until they’re toasty. They had a delicious “mountain man hash” for breakfast that got rave reviews. We also did a service project on Saturday morning. We built a wood stack to keep wood off the ground. We filled it up with wood and another one with small kindling. You can see more about that here: https://goo.gl/photos/Z5nLL2dPnXCpoiq16

I also went to the LDS Face-to-face with Elder Rasband on Wednesday. It was really good and I got a lot of good notes. One of the things that really stood out to me was when he said, “You need to make a very solid commitment to spend some time every day in the scriptures. it doesn’t have to be a lot, but it does need to be some.” I talked about this with my boys at our campfire program on Friday night. It is so important to have that daily contact with the scriptures.

Sarah and Eliza invited one of Eliza’s friends over for lunch this week. They made little heart shaped pizzas and shared them. Eliza loved helping to make the pizzas. She is a good helper and always wants to be at the counter cooking with mommy.