A bit under the weather

We were a bit under the weather in both the literal and figurative senses of the word this week. On Monday we had massive raining and flooding all over our area. We had invited people over to have some dutch oven cobblers with us but it was raining so hard that only a few showed up. I was surprised that anyone came at all with the rain and the wind the way it was. We had water flowing down our greenbelt in our neighborhood and it was all the way full to the street. We had several tornado warnings in … Continue reading

Memorial Day and the Weather

I think we found a new tradition for Memorial Day. We were thinking last night that we were lame and didn’t have any plans for today and we decided on a whim to make a few dutch oven cobblers and invite some friends to come eat with us.  We invited people to come at 2:00 but unfortunately our nice safe indoor activity was rudely interrupted by this weather…   It was that kind of day. We had tornado warnings in the area for most of the day and the rain was pouring. We had a few people show up for … Continue reading