Memorial Day and the Weather

I think we found a new tradition for Memorial Day. We were thinking last night that we were lame and didn’t have any plans for today and we decided on a whim to make a few dutch oven cobblers and invite some friends to come eat with us. 

We invited people to come at 2:00 but unfortunately our nice safe indoor activity was rudely interrupted by this weather…


Weather forecast on Memorial Day

It was that kind of day. We had tornado warnings in the area for most of the day and the rain was pouring. We had a few people show up for cobbler and then get stuck here when our yard started to look like this.

Our yard had at least a foot of water

We had a good time with our friends while they were stuck at our house. After they had left we turned on the news and saw that downtown Austin was under water. It was crazy. There was a water rescue in our neighborhood and our little green area was a full-on river. 
We were safe through the day but have been praying for the people that have worse flooding. Our lakes have risen over 20 feet and we’re hopeful that this rain will break the drought we’ve been in since moving here. 

After the storm the sunset was amazing.