Calm before the storm

So the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy around here with me heading out to my semi annual CHREC meeting (in Albuquerque this time) and then out to scout camp the next week. This week was a good, normal week and we were able to recharge our batteries a bit to get ready for what’s coming. Because of the normalcy of this week, there isn’t a lot notable to talk about. Probably the most interesting thing that happened this week was that James had a bit of a fever for a few days. We’re pretty sure … Continue reading

Easter Hallelujah

Of course the focus of this week has been our Easter celebration. This year has been especially nice because we have been able to do better than ever  before on helping the kids (and ourselves) focus on Jesus Christ this week. Every night we have read from the Bible about what happened on that day of Easter week. We have posted the pictures on our wall for the kids to see so that they know what we’re talking about. The kids have loved having the pictures up and will point to them and tell us what is happening. It is … Continue reading

Gone recruiting

Well this week I wasn’t at home a ton so I don’t have a lot to write. I spent the week up recruiting at BYU and kept plenty busy up there. I did the career fair, lots of interviewing and several events with candidates. It was a pretty good trip. It was fun to see family while I was up there. While I was gone, Sarah held down the fort with the kids and was generally awesome. They had music class on Friday and went to the park after class. Eliza loves the park and James still isn’t sure what … Continue reading

Happy New 2016

Happy New Year everyone! We’re excited for this new year and all the adventures and challenges that it will bring. We had a great year last year and are excited to see what the future holds for us. This week started out with a fun reunion of sorts with my college roommates. A few weeks ago one of my old roommates, Scott Rose, emailed the group of us and proposed that we do a Google hangout together sometime over the break. We had that hangout on Monday evening. We are all spread across the country and so we did it … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015 in Utah

So this has been a week of travel and celebration for our family. We traveled to Utah to spend time with the family this week for Thanksgiving and had a great trip. We left last Friday morning and drove Friday and Saturday to get to Utah. We spent the week dividing our time between our families and having a grand ol’ time! Here are some photos from our trip. Continue reading

Independence Day Long Weekend

Well we had a great week this week. I got to take Thursday and Friday off of work for the holiday and it was fun to have a few days to just spend time with the family. With all the craziness we’ve had lately this was a welcome change of pace for us. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal days. On Wednesday evening I took the scouts to  help a family in the ward load up their moving truck. The boys were pretty helpful and I was happy that we could do some service. I’m really impressed with the … Continue reading

Memorial Day and the Weather

I think we found a new tradition for Memorial Day. We were thinking last night that we were lame and didn’t have any plans for today and we decided on a whim to make a few dutch oven cobblers and invite some friends to come eat with us.  We invited people to come at 2:00 but unfortunately our nice safe indoor activity was rudely interrupted by this weather…   It was that kind of day. We had tornado warnings in the area for most of the day and the rain was pouring. We had a few people show up for … Continue reading

Birthdays and Easter Week

Happy Easter! We are so grateful for this week that we are able to focus our time on remembering the life and sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. We had a pretty simple celebration this week. We moved our scripture study to reading from the New Testament each night about the life of Christ. Eliza has enjoyed looking at the pictures of Christ’s last week. We’ve been putting a picture on the wall each day after we read and using that to help us talk about Christ during dinner. As you probably know (I hope :)) Sarah and I both … Continue reading