Two Kids Teething

We survived Sunday. Go us! This week has been a bit rough with both Eliza and James both teething and  both of them with the sniffles. Eliza has been waking up in the middle of the night several days this week and will just cry inconsolably and have a bad cough. She doesn’t run a fever or anything (although she did learn that word this week and asks us to take her temperature). James has been having a rough time cutting his bottom two teeth. Today just before church he was screaming and screaming and didn’t like taking his pain … Continue reading

Living the Good Life

Sarah had a “Missionary Minded Brunch” for some ladies in the ward this week. It ended up being a bit crazy because people were late and one of the other ward missionaries is starting to move out of her house and so her time is crazy. The brunch went well, all things considered, but Sarah said that they’re probably not going to do more for a while. They’ve sort of run our of people who are willing to come. I went to the Blue and Gold banquet for the Cub Scouts on Wednesday. They did an excellent job and didn’t … Continue reading

Learning and Growing

This has been a bit week of growth for our family. Actually, this growth has been coming on for a while but we actually documented some of it this week in photo form and wanted to share it with you. Eliza is getting better and better at feeding herself. She can use a spoon pretty well and is getting better with a fork. She can eat a whole bowl of oatmeal by herself. Her little plastic forks are really not great so we’ve been letting her use one of our little metal forks. We bought her some new training ones … Continue reading

Happy 3 Months James

We were showing off our parenting at church today via splotches of food on our shirts and other less savory things on our pants/skirts. Yeah, it was that kind of day. I think we need to burn some of our clothes and start again. Eliza had a leak during sacrament and Sarah took the brunt of that. She also thought it would be fun to smear crackers all over us. We love her. We’ve had a pretty good week. We got to go to the temple on Saturday. Our friends the Larsen’s watched Eliza and we took James with us. … Continue reading

Eating, the park, partying

We had an awesome week this week. There were a few highlights as you’ll see in the pictures. As far as normal life goes it was a pretty standard week. I worked every day, had scouts on Wednesday and was just a normal person. It’s kind of nice when that happens. Sarah was with the kids and babysat a few times for friends and was generally awesome. Last night our friends the Larsen’s called and invited us to play games. We decided that we hadn’t gone over there for a while and so we literally (well maybe not quite literally) … Continue reading