James starts moving

The big story of the week is that James has started almost crawling. He does a pretty awesome army crawl/belly flop and is tickled pink with himself for being able to move around so much. It’s a good thing that Eliza has as many toys as she does because he’s always into them. She’s spent most of the week trying to take her things away from James. We’re working on the sharing thing. This is the second week in a row that they’ve also talked about sharing in Nursery so hopefully she’ll start getting it sometime before she turns 16. James … Continue reading

A bit under the weather

We were a bit under the weather in both the literal and figurative senses of the word this week. On Monday we had massive raining and flooding all over our area. We had invited people over to have some dutch oven cobblers with us but it was raining so hard that only a few showed up. I was surprised that anyone came at all with the rain and the wind the way it was. We had water flowing down our greenbelt in our neighborhood and it was all the way full to the street. We had several tornado warnings in … Continue reading

Memorial Day and the Weather

I think we found a new tradition for Memorial Day. We were thinking last night that we were lame and didn’t have any plans for today and we decided on a whim to make a few dutch oven cobblers and invite some friends to come eat with us.  We invited people to come at 2:00 but unfortunately our nice safe indoor activity was rudely interrupted by this weather…   It was that kind of day. We had tornado warnings in the area for most of the day and the rain was pouring. We had a few people show up for … Continue reading

Back in Texas

Well we made it safely back to Texas after our fun trip to Utah and Romania. (Don’t worry, we’ll get some posts up eventually about the vacation!) We had a safe drive back and were much happier with our choice of hotel on the way home than we were on the way up to Utah! This week we’ve mostly just been getting back into the swing of things at home. We’ve been having a lot of rain lately and our lakes have gone up a lot in the last few days. We’re hopeful that this rain, that is supposed to … Continue reading

A pretty normal week

Eliza is getting to be more and more like a two-year-old. She’s starting to push the limits on things more and more which is challenging. The best example of this is with her sleeping. Sometime last week she decided that she didn’t want to sleep in her bed anymore. She wanted to sleep on the floor by the door to her room. She would fight us tooth and nail when we tried to put her in her bed. We let her sleep by the door for a few days but then decided that she really did need to sleep in … Continue reading

Birthdays and Easter Week

Happy Easter! We are so grateful for this week that we are able to focus our time on remembering the life and sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. We had a pretty simple celebration this week. We moved our scripture study to reading from the New Testament each night about the life of Christ. Eliza has enjoyed looking at the pictures of Christ’s last week. We’ve been putting a picture on the wall each day after we read and using that to help us talk about Christ during dinner. As you probably know (I hope :)) Sarah and I both … Continue reading

Easter Choir Week

Our big event this week was our stake Easter choir presentation. I sang in the choir which has been rehearsing for the last 6 weeks or so. We have a fairly talented group of singers in our stake and they are fun to sing with.We had a rehearsal for our performance on Tuesday evening and were supposed to have a rehearsal on Wednesday also but it was called off. Thursday and Friday evenings were the performances. The first night was pretty good but Friday was great. Sarah and the kids came and watched the performance. The kids were good as … Continue reading

Spring Break Camping

Yes I know that we don’t have any kids in school so spring break isn’t actually any different from any other week that we have; however, we decided to “celebrate” it this year. There are some families in our ward who go camping every year on the week of spring break and we were invited to attend this year. We were the youngest family–by far. Most of the families have teenagers but we have some good friends in the group and we had a good time. We had kind of a crazy day on Monday as we were getting ready … Continue reading

Spring arrives in Central Texas

Spring, with all it’s crazy swings in weather, has arrived in central Texas. Our daffodils are blooming and it’s getting to the point where we have started running our ceiling fans again during the day. Eliza has been her usual chipper self this week. She is a girly girl and likes to twirl around and around in the family room. She is getting supper close to being able to jump!. She has started to interact with James more now that we’re leaving him on the floor. She’s only kicked him in the head a few times but she’s learning to be careful … Continue reading

James’s 4 month birthday

This week was James’s 4 month birthday. He has grown so much in the last months and they have just flown by. He is talking up a storm. When he wakes up in the morning, he’ll just sit in bed and talk and talk to himself. It is so cute! He’s also starting to get really close to rolling over. He’ll flail his legs and arms around like crazy. He likes it when we roll him around and is on the verge of being mobile. He is super close to cutting his two bottom teeth and they have been driving … Continue reading